Meet the exhibitors 3: Just hours away!!!

We’re now just a few hours away from big show, the Nerds of Mass Distraction Fan Fest (May 21st, Touchpoint Church 6100 Florence Ave. Bell Gardens Noon to 6PM) Let’s meet the other awesome exhibitors who will be attending today’s show!

John Narcomey

A comic book professional since 2008. Beginning at High Tower Comics were i created such titles as GhostFace, Smart Bullets and Jungle Jive. After High Tower Comics I opened Draw Hard studio’s went on to work on such titles as DUST: Withered Earth created and written by James Ninness, Forbidden Tales, and the successfully Kickstarted horror anthology In Sanity, Az. I have published 7 comic book titles through Draw Hard studio. Currently I am working on Cholo LIbre, Sin Eater w/ Mat Nastos, Hideaway web comic and other new titles coming from A3 Publishing. I have over 8 years experience as a penciler, inker, writer, colorist, graphic designer and content creator.  Bio by John Narcomey

Johnnarcomey art 1

Ryan’s Rant:  John has a very intriguing style that is all his own.  John’s drawings beckon back to the fluidity of silent movie cartoons and harness the spirit of animation greats like Ralph Bakshi and John Kricfalusi.  John’s characters may be in comic book form, they still seem to flow and move as if they were animated.  John has a talent to leap through genres, from heroes to horror.  No matter the genre or setting, all of John’s characters take on a life all their own.  Come by the event today at Noon to 6pm and pay John a visit.

Will Caulfield

I Graduated from Cal Sate Fullerton in 1985 with a BA in the Art.  I went on to create WOMP STUDIOS.  Cartoons and comics have always been a part of my life. They allow you to do anything and become anyone. Drawing and creating characters is a great way to express your thoughts in a two dimensional way. As a kid, I dreamt of having a famous comic strip in the newspaper. Can all dreams come true? Maybe not. But some dreams can become comic books. Bio by Will Caulfield


Ryan’s Rants:  I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons.  That’s not a non-sequitur, I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons and Will’s art helps fill that void.  Will’s comic The Adventures of Bat-Bat has the feel of Jay Ward’s stable of classics.  Bat-Bat and Bird Brain have all the makings of a classic comedy duo like Rocky and Bullwinkle.  I am looking forward to getting a copy of The Adventures of Bat-Bat for my daughter Luna to read.  You can grab your copy over at Will’s table.

Ofloda Monstro

Ofloda Monstro, is the kind of artist who seems like every stroke of the pen and scribble of the pencil is streaming straight from his consciousness, like a live broadcast from his brain to the paper.  Ofloda’s work captures the imagination so much that after reading one of his short pieces, you’re hungry for more.  Come check out Ofloda’s eye grabbing art today at the big show!


Ryans Rant:  Fear the Boob tube needs to be required reading for anyone wanting to get into the graphic arts.  Study this little book because it is an excellent primer for anyone interested in drawing.  In this mini comic, Ofloda builds lavish worlds and characters in just a few short pages and leaves me wanting more.

Peter Mellini and Enrique Cruz

Okay, these guys are the terrific two!  I first met Mr. Peter Mellini as a regular at his most excellent comic book store, Nostalgic Comics in San Gabriel, CA.  I came to the store often when I was working at a school in San Gabriel just a few blocks away.  Pete is a hilarious guy who knows his comics and he runs one of the best shops in Southern California.  There are a lot of stores that seem cold and sterile or so hip that they can’t be bothered to help you.  Visiting Pete’s store is like hanging out at an old friend’s house, except for the fact that he has a lot more comics than most of my friends.  I had seen the amazing artwork of Enrique Cruz very often and didn’t even know it.  Enrique’s art is prominently featured on the big chalk board behind the counter at Nostalgic Comics and it always amazed me at how great of an artist he is.  Together, Pete and Enrique took the high energy of those awesome drawings from the shop and combined it with a love for comics and created NightMary, a fun book about a little girl who can bring nightmare monsters to life.


Ryan’s Rant:   NightMary is a fun book that really encapsulates the energy that comes from two creators who really love the art form of comics.  NightMary is an excellent book that brings the fun back to comics during an era where grim and gritty seems to be making a comeback. Thankfully this book is an oasis of fun and imaginative storytelling.  You can come to the show today and meet Peter and Enrique and check out their great book.

Eva Lacy

Eva is the owner of the Anaheim,CA based nerd-centric shop called Fan*Alley.  Fan*Alley is the kind of place that makes you feel like you’re on some secret mission to procure a rare and hard to find item and you’ve finally found the right outpost.  If you want something like a Death Star hat or a Tardis Apron, Fan*Alley would be my first destination.


Ryan’s Rant:  While being an awesome artist in her own right, Eva’s store serves a major social service by providing artists a platform to share their art with the community.  There aren’t too many places where you can check out up and coming artists and browse all the nerdtastic merchandise and it’s great to know we have such a store here is Southern California.  Come pay Eva’s table a visit at the show today!

I want to thank each of the awesome exhibitors who will be attending today’s event!  This could not happen without you.  Thank you all so much!

As for you, dear readers, come and check out the big show today!  If you can’t make it, check back here for pictures and a rundown of the event!