Meet the Exhibitors Part 1: The Bell Gardens Trio

We are just a few weeks away from the first annual Nerds of Mass Distraction Fan fest!  To get you all prepped for the big day, May 21st, 2016 I’d like you to meet the artists and exhibitors coming to the event. (The event will be held at TouchPoint Church 6100 Florence Ave. Bell Gardens, CA from 12pm-6pm)

For this first round of exhibitors, I’d like you to meet three Bell Garden’s Natives; Artists Ruben Gerard, Rafael Navarro and Jose Guillen.  These three gentlemen are truly gifted artists and the good people of Bell Gardens should be proud.  In the immortal words of Lavar Burton from Reading Rainbow (And more importantly Star Trek: The Next Generation)….But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Let their eye bulgingly astonishing art speak for itself.  (Caution:  Your eyes may be so enamored by the glorious art that you’ll require five gallons of Visine to switch back to normal…)


Ruben Gerard Gallery

Ruben Gerard was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to the United States when he was 3, growing up in Bell Gardens, CA.  Ruben’s loves were (and still are) Rock and Roll, Classic comedians such as Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy and Lucille Ball and Comic Books, especially the works of the legendary Jack Kirby.  All of these inspirations are seamlessly woven into his art, specifically his two comic strips Penny Strikes and Whatly.  Gerard currently lives in Fullerton where he also shares office/studio space with Max Espinosa, his long-time business and creative associate in the arts.  Max and his other creative soul brother (fellow Bell Gardens alumni and creator of Somnambulo), Rafael Navarro can often be seen sketching and enjoying cervesas at the Bell Gardens American Legion Hall, home of The Cochran Club, an events organization co-founded by Ruben, his brother Robert, and Rafael to honor the famous Rock N’ Roll legend, Eddie Cochran, a past Bell Gardens resident as well. In September of this year, Ruben will be going to The Cochran Club to wed Eileen Burgess, a social worker, devoted mother, and Buddhist, who shares with Ruben a love for art, music, and laughter.  Adapted from a Bio prepared by Max Espinosa

RYAN’S RANT:  If you’re a fan of retro art that transports you back to a time when Chuck Berry was blasting on the radio and Jack Kirby was molding the Marvel Universe one character at a time, then you’ll love Ruben Gerard’s work.  As you can see from the samples, Ruben is an amazingly versatile artist who can tackle multiple genres.  Come on down to the Nerds of Mass Distraction Fan Fest on May 21st and say hi!



Jose Guillen gallery

Bell Gardens Native Jose Guillen is an incredible artist with  an impressive body of work stretching from comic books to working on major big-budget Hollywood Projects.  Jose has worked as a storyboard and concept artist for various film studios.  Beyond film, Jose has worked for many of the major publishers including MARVEL, IMAGE COMICS and TOP COW.  Jose has worked iconic projects such as DEADPOOL, THE DARKNESS, and WEAPON ZERO.   While many of the film projects Jose is working on are still in development and under wraps, Jose’s comic work can be seen on both his blog  and his deviant art page

RYAN’S RANT:  While on his blog Jose goes under the nom de plume Scribble Monkey, it would be more fitting if he called himself Scribble Monkey a.k.a Jedi Master of art.  Jose’s pencils are exquisite, rendering some amazing images that are more than just great comic art, they’re universally awesome.  His work on The Darkness (My Favorite of the Top Cow characters) is stellar.  Come and gaze at Jose at work at the Nerds of Mass Distraction Fan Fest on May 21st.  (Don’t gaze too long or you’ll be dubbed “That weirdo who keeps gazing”)


Rafael Navarro Art Samples

Classically trained in illustration and fine art, Rafael works as an animation storyboard artist for various major studios, earning him a daytime Emmy.  His work can be seen on shows such as THE BATMAN, SCOOBY DOO, RUGRATS, MUCHA LUCHA, JUSTICE LEAGUE, TUTENSTEIN, STRIPPERELLA and MARVEL SUPER SQUAD, Lego’s HERO FACTORY, and WACKY RACES just to name a few, and still manages to make time for his first love: COMICS! His Xeric Award Winning  cult classic SONAMBULO is still going strong after 20 years, being published in various other languages including Spanish, French and Croatian. His latest book, GUNS A’ BLAZIN’ co-created with Mike Wellman, a science fiction western, is slowly becoming a revered classic. Check him out at and on Instagram: rafael_navarro007   Bio Prepared by Rafael Navarro

RYAN’S RANT:  Guns A’Blazin!  That title alone is all I really need to say to give you a peek into the fun, masterfully crafted world of Bell Gardens Native Rafael Navarro.  However, with Rafael there is so much more to experience.  Rafael has an extensive body of work and as you can imagine everything he touches is made extra special because of him.  Just look at that Batman drawing, it truly captures the raw, unfiltered edginess of the early Batman strips while still remaining polished, sleek and modern.  Come on down to Bell Gardens on May 21st and hang out with Rafael.  (Warning:  Excessive hanging out will result in the issuance of a restraining order)

Well there you have it, our first batch of exhibitors at the 1st annual Nerds of Mass Distraction Fan Fest, the Bell Gardens Trio.  I hope that you can make it down on the big day and visit with these extraordinary artists.  It’s sure to be a blast!

Stay tuned to meet more of the amazing people who will be attending the show!!!

Stay Nerdy, my friends.





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