Idea Stew: A cocophony of random (and not so) thoughts….

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have put brain to blog, and a lot has happened.  My family and I have moved from the Suburbs back to the city.  A choice that I am quite fond of.  Even though I grew up in the country, I am very much a city soul.  I need hustle and bustle, I need the noise of people around us.  I enjoy the cultural clash of people co-existing.  You don’t really see that too much in the homogenized realm of suburban living.  The city is for me.  Where else but East Los Angeles can you find a neighborhood that offers Taco trucks on one corner, a mini market on another, a video store (Yes, they still exist) and a small gymnasium that hosts weekly Lucha Libre bouts?  No where.  Rather than write about any given topic, I’m just going to thrown many thoughts and ideas into the bowl and see what tastes good.

Idea Stew:

  • Moving is a royal pain.  Do you think Hermit Crabs would have nicer dispositions if they didn’t move from shell to shell all the time?
  • What would you call a nice Crab?  You couldn’t call it a crab anymore…it would be more like a Kind…a Hermit Kind just sounds stupid.
"Why do they call me a Hermit?  I like people, DAMMIT!"

“Why do they call me a Hermit? I like people, DAMMIT!”


  • Toddlers are the natural born enemies to new carpets.  They seek, and they destroy.  The person who can create a toddler proof carpet will be the next multi-billionaire.
  • My wife had a serious tooth ache all week.  I wanted to tie her tooth the ceiling fan, ala the Three Stooges, but she wasn’t having it.
  • Thank goodness for pain medication.
  • Do you think Dr. Howard, Dr. Howard and Dr. Fine would have a practice that is covered by the new Health Care laws?
Like all doctors, they are presently occupied with more important matters.

Like all doctors, they are presently occupied with more important matters.

  • What jobs haven’t the Three Stooges done?
  • CLASSIC COMEDIAN SMACK DOWN….Who’s funnier, Abbot and Costello or Laurel and Hardy?

They secretly hated each other.


  • So far, I am not liking the DC Comics Villain Month books.  It’s been two weeks and only two issues have struck my fancy.  The Joker issue, which is a weird, untold story about his pet Ape was strangely compelling.  Since it is Joker telling the story, the whole issue is filled with lies, “jokes”, none of the looks into his past are to be taken seriously.  It’s Joker’s joke on the reader, he’s messing with us.  For anyone who takes the Joker so seriously (The Heath Ledger, Dark Knight diehards) you missed the point.  This is a solid story by Andy Kubert with really good art by Andy Clarke.  The other issue I liked was the Brainiac Origin.  Most Superman fans already had an idea of the villains back story, this takes the great work by Grant Morrison and runs with it, combining the traditional DCU Brainiac origin with the New 52 Brainiac in a satisfying way.
  • The 3D gimmick covers for Villains month are beautiful…gimmicky, but beautiful
  • I really like what Marvel is doing with Infinity and its associated books.
  • I wanted to hate Superior Spider-Man with its “Doc Ock’s mind in Spidey’s body” premise, but the story is building to a satisfying conclusion.
  • Prediction…Peter Parker’s consciousness wasn’t eradicated…it is inside Doc Ock’s junky old Lab robot, just waiting to take the bastard out once and for all.
  • I could be wrong.  I’m not, but I could be.
  • Comics are great.
  • Being a good Husband, a good Father and a good Nerd is a hard thing to juggle.
  • Go watch Copper on Netflix.  It’s what Gangs of New York would be if it was a police procedural rather than an epic film.
  • Liam Neeson was barely in Gangs of New York and he was still amazing.
  • I owe my wife another Movie night.  I owe her a lot of things…flowers, a spa day, sanity…you know, the usual.
  • I hate hash tags but….
  • #mywifeisawesome
  • #shedidn’tforcemetodothis





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