Justice for some

There are many reasons why I love comic books. Sure, the art is usually amazing, I love the out of this world stories and characters with amazing abilities and powers….but there is another, down to Earth reason why I love comics. In the fantasy world of the modern American Super Hero comic book, Justice is cut and dry. If you kill someone who was minding their own business, you are a bad person. You are guilty of murder. It’s the comic book world and you will be caught by Superman/Batman/Spider-man and thrown in jail.

In the case of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, it’s sad that we don’t live in a world where Justice is absolute. We live in a world dictated by man’s law, and we must suffer for its flaws caused by greed, fear and ignorance. George Zimmerman killed a child. He followed him when the police told him not to, he stalked him like a hunter would stalk prey. He didn’t identify who he was, he confronted the young man, knowing that whatever happened he had his gun to back him up. George Zimmerman took it upon himself to take a life, a child’s life. Because of ignorant laws written by fearful, ignorant people, Zimmerman walks away a free man. Justice for some.

I may sometimes walk around with my head in the clouds thinking of worlds that don’t actually exist, but it makes me feel a little good to know at least somewhere out there in the ethereal world of fiction there is a place where Justice is for all. It’s just a shame we don’t live there.


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